The Base

The Base

The base a multi level outpost consisting of surface structures, a fallout shelter built during the cold war, and a sub-basement of ancient catacombs. It acts as our main point of operations and as our safe haven between runs.

The Surface

On the surface, the base appears to be a small military outpost of sorts captured from raiders. It is surround by a ten foot steel wall with three guard towers built into the corners and a fourth currently being built, there are two entrances both consisting of large double doors that open outward. Inside the wall are a school type building, a garage, a communications tower, and a small shack with the entrance to the underground portion of the base.

The Vault

Underneath the surface portion of the base is a fallout shelter consistent with the design and construction of those built by the government and military during the American-Soviet cold war. It houses facilities for sleeping quarters, storage, and research purposes, as well as housing the security center of the base.

The entrance is a manhole located in a small shack leading to a long hallway approximately thirty feet underground. At the end of the hallway is a large open room which is currently being partitioned into smaller rooms which will include a repair shop, an infirmary, as well as minor office space.

Turning right from the entrance will lead to the sleeping quarters which is simply six small dorm rooms opening into a hallway coming from the main room.

Directly across the main room from the sleeping quarters is the armory, which is where all of the guns, ammo, armor, along with anything deemed important is kept under lock and key.

Turning left from the entrance will lead you to another storage area that is generally unlocked and stores food, medical supplies, and any other low level equipment.

Turning left from the supply room is the lab and security center. The lab has basic chemistry equipment including but not limited to beakers, microscopes, bunsen burners, and basic chemicals. The security center is currently under construction, but will include monitors for the security cameras, controls for the automated security turrets and drones, and the ability to lock down the facility until deemed safe. It also contains the entrance to the catacombs below.

The Catacombs

The catacombs are a group of tunnels under the base that pre-date the rest of the base by at least a few hundred years.

Their origin can only be guessed at, but their purpose has been determined to contain a group of vampire ghouls. Now that they have been opened, the virus is free to spread and mutate.

The Base

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