Canada Wars

2/8/12 - Finding the Romarro

The company requested that we recover an asset from another company. We sent a small group south while leaving Magnen and T.A.C. to guard The Base. The recovery group was attacked on the way to the asset, but no real harm was done. At the location provided by the company, we found a compound that appeared to be lightly guarded, it wasn’t. We encountered a new magical enemy that we named Romarro. They don’t have much armor against bullets, but they are almost invincible to impact damage, and they have so far attacked in huge swarms. Two of the four in the recovery group were badly wounded, but we recovered the asset, a huge troll that is world famous for his unarmed combat. The base was destroyed by C-4 before we were able to thoroughly search it. We did recover a small amount of paperwork that we left to the company to sort through. We also discovered that the Romarro were a product of Mr. Snake, leader of a rival company to The Hive, our employer.

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